2018AW collection 発表 / the new collection will be released soon

2018.02.11 Sunday



    2018AWのテーマは、The Romanian heritage (ルーマニア、その美しき伝統)です。









    大量生産はできないウールですが、アミツムリ2018AWコレクションのwhite label (エシカルライン) で、そのウールを使った新作も発表いたします。


    彼らへのリスペクトを込めながら作ったアミツムリの新作を どうぞお楽しみに!

    詳細はアミツムリHPのNews をご覧下さい。


    The ami-tsumuli 2018AW collection will be released in the exhibition, rooms 36, from Feb.21st to 23rd.
    The theme of the new collection is 'The Romanian heritage'.

    Some years have already passed since I started to be interested in the Romanian culture.
    The biggest influence was the encounter with Irina, who grew up in Romania during the communism era.
    Her stories about Romania impressed me. They were different from our typical image of a communist country.
    Romanians seem to have sense of animism in the same as the Japanese do.

    Romania used be Dacia, before the Roman Empire. The Dacian down to earth and beautiful lifestyle, which was in harmony with natural environment, is carried over into today's Romanian spirit.

    One of the symbols is Cioban, which is the Romanian shepherd. Their way is very traditional, not practicing tail clipping nor mules operation on the sheep. Each sheep is sheared in a friendly way using a big scissors, not an electrical razor.

    Actually, I had been looking for my ideal wool, and the Romanian wool was the very wool I had hoped to use for ami-tsumuli.
    I used the yarn for three models in 2018 AW ami-stimuli white label, and will show them in the exhibition.

    I was also inspired by the Cioban's unique coat, Dacian's mysterious embroidery, and so on. You can enjoy the feeling through 2018 AW ami-tsumuli standard collection as well.

    See the details of the exhibition here: