NYアップタウン散歩 / Walking in Up Town in NY

2019.12.25 Wednesday






    前回は、ダウンタウンが印象的で、「Down Town Kiss」という2014 AWコレクションを作りましたが、今回は、アップタウンが、いろんな意味で印象的でした。


    私が大学生時代に大流行した百貨店「Henri Bendel」は、すでに閉店。もう、あのストライプ柄は見られないのですね。

    そして、「Barneys New York」は、今まさに、閉店セール中で、安売りスーパーの様になっていました。






    「高級品」を 資本主義が生み出した虚構の産物と片付けることはできるけど、私は、「高級品」に込められた精神的な部分も見過ごせません。



    確かに、「高級品」を ただ成功の象徴として追いかけていた人も多く、その人たちに、支えられてた部分も大きいでしょう。








    New York City decorated for Christmas was very gorgeous, I felt like was in a movie.

    Last time, I was inspired by downtown, and made the 2014AW collection, the theme of which was ‘Down Town Kiss’.
    This time, I was more impressed by uptown.

    Henri Bendel, which was very popular when I was in university, was already closed.
    Barneys New York was just being closed. It looked like a cut-rate shop.
    All high-end department stores are closing…I am very sad about that.
    I know that material luxury will be outdated sooner or later.
    However, I don’t believe the fast fashion will help create our bright future.

    They might say luxury items are phantoms produced by materialism, but I also appreciate the spirit of luxury items.

    Their designs are first-rate, their producing skills are first rate. The fist-rate designs and producing skills should emit first-rate prana.
    That’s why we could dream in the sophisticated space, where many luxury items were displayed nicely.

    A lot of people must have pursued them just as proof of success, and that must have supported the luxury business.
    As the new era comes, maybe people will be interested more in spiritual values, rather than material values. I hope they will take over the sprits in the luxury items. That was the beauty that had attracted me.

    We always realize how precious they were only after we lose them…when I walked along the fifth avenue in uptown, I was thinking that.